Editing With Premiere Pro

Presented by Andrew Roughan

Filmmaker, Andrew Roughan leads us through this course on how to edit with Premiere Pro. In this masterclass Andrew covers everything from understanding the basic interface and editing techniques to ultimately completing your project and exporting it from the software.

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Chapter 1


We hear about Andrew's experience editing with Premiere Pro and what we can expect to cover in the upcoming chapters.

  • Andrew's Experience
  • Hitchcock Quote
  • Introduction To The Course
Chapter 2

Getting Started

In this chapter we take a look at some key concepts and details to understand before jumping into the editing software.

  • Rough Cuts
  • Workflow
  • Versioning
  • Creating A New Project
Chapter 3

Overview Of Premiere Pro

Andrew leads us through the Premiere Pro workspace and explains his methods for organising projects and folders.

  • Workspace
  • Folder Structure
  • Importing
Chapter 4

The Rough Cut

In this chapter we look at the tools within Premiere Pro as well as keyboard shortcuts to aid you in a faster pace of editing. Andrew also discusses editing techniques for using B-Roll.

  • Creating and Importing Sequences
  • Shortcuts & Tools
  • Copy & Pasting
  • Cutting
  • B-Roll
Chapter 5


In this chapter Andrew discusses the use of effects in Premiere Pro for dramatic purposes as well as those for fixing problems.

  • Warp Stabiliser
  • Sharpening
  • Morph Cut
  • Dramatic Effects
  • Adjustment Layers & Opacity
Chapter 6


What is the difference between colour correction and grading? How do you balance colour for skin tone and white balance? Find out in this chapter.

  • Colour Correction vs Grading
  • Base Correction
  • White Balancing
  • Skin Tones
  • Colour Matching
Chapter 7


In this chapter, Andrew covers how to get your completed video rendered and encoded for viewing.

Chapter 8

Round Up

Andrew gives us his parting thoughts on using Premiere Pro for editing.

  • Final Thoughts