DSLR Cameras For Film And Video

Presented by Joshua M Kerr

Joshua leads this course on using DSLR's for film and video. Using the 5D MKIII as an example Joshua describes the common functions across DSLR cameras and gives his thoughts and tips on using them for various film and video projects.

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Cinematography, Videography, Production

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Chapter 1


Joshua tells us his experiences shooting with DSLRs and what type of projects he has used them on.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

Discussing DSLR Cameras

In this chapter Josh discusses the common features the 5D has with other DSLR cameras as well as the how the size of the camera and it's sensor affect possible styles of shooting.

  • 5D MKIII Overview
  • Form Factor
  • Frame Size
Chapter 3

Camera Body Overview

This chapter looks at the top-level important camera functions for manipulating your image colour and exposure as well as how you access them on the body of the 5D MKIII.

  • Changing Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Recording Media
Chapter 4


Looking further into the camera Joshua leads us through the menu system and camera display so you can better understand the image you are filming and how the camera processes it.

  • Menu System
  • Picture Profiles
  • Histograms
  • Gridlines
  • Media Options
Chapter 5

Useful Features

In this chapter Joshua shows us a few more useful features of the camera that can both make life on-set easier and camera set-ups quicker and easier.

  • Playback
  • Q Button
  • Internal Gimbal
Chapter 6


What lenses can I use? In this chapter Joshua discusses the various lensing options as well as some more obscure options.

  • Lens Choices
Chapter 7

Round Up

Joshua gives us his final thoughts on the 5D MKIII.

  • Final Thoughts