Distribution at Lionsgate

Presented by Matt Smith

Matt Smith, Head of Theatrical at Lionsgate, leads us through this masterclass on Distribution. He takes us through the process of acquiring films, the importance of connecting with an audience, how to make effective use of marketing, publicity as well as some key advice for filmmakers. This course is packed with Matt's unique insight.

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Chapter 1


Meet Matt Smith, Head of Theatrical at Lionsgate. He tells us how he got his start in the film industry leading up to his current role. We also learn what films influenced his career and some key successes.

  • Introduction
  • Influential Films
Chapter 2

Distribution Basics

In this chapter Matt guides us through what exactly the job of a distributor entails, the key departments within a distribution company and what they are for as well as advice for aspiring filmmakers

  • Connecting With an Audience
  • Key Departments
  • What a Distributor Does
  • Advice For Filmmakers
Chapter 3


Learn what methods a distributor uses to target an audience, how to organise a test screening and the differences between marketing and publicity.

  • Marketing Techniques
  • Publicity
  • Test Screenings
Chapter 4

Getting Noticed

Now we go into greater detail as Matt leads us through some of the more 'dark arts' of film distribution. What should you be looking to spend depending on the size of your audience? How do you choose the release date? Also how to film festivals factor into the overall distribution strategy?

  • Audience Size vs Spend
  • Choosing The Release Date
  • The Value of Film Festivals
Chapter 5

For Independents

What if you want to go it alone? Is it possible to distribute your own films? Matt explains all in this chapter.

  • Self Distribution
  • The Value Of Short Films
Chapter 6

The Future

Where is the film industry going ? Matt talks about the pace of change in distribution, how we have seen the fall of physical media and the rise of VOD. What does it all mean though?

  • Future Of Distribution
  • VOD
Chapter 7

Round Up

That's all for now but Matt has one final insight to pass on.

  • Final Thought