Film Festival Distribution

Presented by Rebekah Louisa Smith

Meet 'The Film Festival Doctor', Rebekah L Smith. She is a specialist when it comes to distribution especially regarding the film festival route. In this masterclass she guides us through the current film distribution landscape and gives her tips on how to get your film seen.

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Chapter 1


Rebekah tells us how she started her journey into the film industry and why festivals captured her imagination.

  • Introduction
  • Contents
Chapter 2


In this chapter Rebekah explains what film distribution is and the process behind selecting a movie that will sell in the wider film marketplace.

  • Explaining Distribution
  • What Sells?
  • Distribution Timeline
  • Stay Up To Date
Chapter 3


How can you define and find the audience for your film? What is a film's hook and how can you leverage the press to get your film noticed? Find out in this chapter.

  • Defining Audience
  • The Hook
  • Attracting Press Attention
Chapter 4


In this chapter we learn the importance of marketing to a film's distribution and Rebekah uses a recent film she distributed as an example of an effective marketing strategy.

  • Marketing Your Film
  • Allocating Marketing Budget
  • The Marketing For Lucid
  • Being Introduced
Chapter 5

Film Festivals

How can you effectively target and submit your film to the right festivals and increase the chance that you will get your film seen?

  • Film Festival Strategy
  • Increasing Festival Acceptance
Chapter 6

Other Distribution Options

In this chapter Rebekah discusses the various growing and prominent digital distribution options.

  • VOD
  • Getting Onto a VOD Platform
  • Self Distribution
Chapter 7

Round Up

Rebekah gives us her final thoughts and some thoughts on the direction distribution will likely take in the future.

  • Future Of The Film Industry
  • Final Thoughts