Directing Short Films

Presented by Natalie Kavanagh

Natalie Kavanagh leads this masterclass on the art of short form filmmaking. She takes us behind the scenes into the mindset of a director looking to make creative and high quality short films that will help to serve a long career in film.

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Directing, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

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Chapter 1


Meet Natalie Kavanagh as she tells us how she first got interested in filmmaking and what she will be covering in the rest of this course.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

Nuts and Bolts

In this chapter Natalie goes through the fundamentals of creating and being the driving force of your short film projects.

  • The Role Of The Director
  • Self Reflection
  • Key Relationships
  • Advantage of Short Form
  • Ideas and Development
  • Championing Your Work
  • Your Team
Chapter 3

Shorts and Features

What are the main differences in narrative between short and feature films and what does it take to make that leap from one form to the other.

  • Short Film vs Feature Film
  • Making The Leap To Features
Chapter 4


Learn the key skills and techniques required of a director and how to improve the quality of your end product.

  • Storytelling
  • Working With Actors
  • Rehearsal
  • Workflow
  • Getting Experimental
Chapter 5


What can you learn from making short films and how can they lead to a larger career in film?

  • Career Path
  • Film Festivals
Chapter 6

Round Up

Natalie imparts her final thoughts on the attitude that you must have as a short filmmaker.

  • Final Thoughts