Conducting Interviews

Presented by Joshua M Kerr

In this masterclass Joshua Kerr breaks down each element of conducting video interviews with a focus on having a conversational tone as the interviewer. The course also covers image and audio queries and how to easily anticipate and solve problems for a smooth interview process.

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Production, Videography, Directing

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Chapter 1


Joshua kicks off this masterclass by talking about the use of interviews in video and tells us what he will be covering in the course.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2


In this chapter Joshua discusses the questions that form a good base for an interview narrative.

  • Asking Questions
  • Suggested Questions
Chapter 3


In this chapter Joshua covers in detail each element required to get good interview responses to questions and the responsibilities of the interviewer.

  • Conversational
  • Suggested Answers
  • Being The Interviewer
  • Desired Responses
  • Scripts
  • Technique
Chapter 4


This chapter covers everything relating to composing your interview framing and what to think about regarding eyeline and choosing a background.

  • Interview Framing
  • Interview Background
Chapter 5


How do I capture crisp interview audio? In this chapter Joshua covers this question as well as dealing with background ambience.

  • Interview Audio
Chapter 6

Round Up

Joshua gives his final thoughts on conducting interviews and some aftercare tips once an interview is over.

  • After The Interview
  • Final Thoughts