Colour Grading

Presented by Garry Maddison

Oscar and BAFTA winning colourist Garry Madison takes us through his career, the challenges and the various technological changes that have occurred throughout. Learn how to think about and create unique colour palettes and looks for your films.

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Chapter 1


Meet Garry Maddison. He will be guiding us through his route into the film industry and giving us his thoughts on how to navigate your way into a post-production role.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

The Industry

Learn about what the responsibility of a colourist is and how Garry learned to become one through various styles of film and video projects.

  • The Role Of A Colourist
  • Film To Digital
  • Forms Of Grading
Chapter 3


Find out what is involved in creating a colour palette and ultimately how involved a colourist is in the process of creating a look.

  • Planning For The Grade
  • Creating A Look
Chapter 4


How do you work with other departments, directors and cinematographers as well as less experienced industry professionals.

  • A Loose Brief
  • Working With Set Design
  • Extracting Information
Chapter 5

Starting A Career

How can you get started in a post production job and what skills are important to do so?

  • Getting Into The Industry
  • Networking
Chapter 6

Round Up

Garry gives us his parting thoughts about grading and working in the industry

  • Final Thoughts