Choosing Sound Equipment

Presented by James Whyard

Procam Sound Recordist, James Whyard leads us through this masterclass on sound equipment, covering a wide variety of information on microphone types and when they are necessary as well as what factors are often considered when building a sound kit.

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Sound, Production

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Chapter 1


James explains his route into industry and how he ended up as a TV sound recordist at Procam Television via a music recording career.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

Sound Recordist

What are the responsibilties of a sound recordist and what are the nuts and bolts of a sound recordist's kit.

  • The Role Of A Sound Recordist
  • Syncing
Chapter 3

Sound Considerations

What are the differences between small shoots and full live TV sound setups? James explains what you have to know about your equipment and the wide variety of environments you can find yourself in as an industry sound recordist.

  • Matching Equipment And Budget
  • Live TV
  • Crew Size
  • Microphone Types
Chapter 4

Round Up

James gives us his final thoughts on working in sound

  • Final Thoughts