Choosing Film Equipment

Presented by Saul Gittens

Procam cinematographer, Saul Gittens, leads this masterclass on the considerations and challenges involved in choosing film equipment. Saul guides us through his career and gives examples of how a professional DOP must operate in a high pressure environment and make key choices that ultimately affect the show.

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Production, Cinematography

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Chapter 1


Saul guides us through his career, the various films and TV shows he has been involved in and how it has led him to working at Procam Television.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

Equipment Considerations

In this chapter Saul tells us how you can start tailoring a camera package to a project with a focus on knowing your shooting environment.

  • Tailoring Your Kit
  • Importance Of Environment
Chapter 3

The Purpose Of Your Kit

How can you make sure the kit you have is fit for purpose and will make sure that the shoot will run smoothly? In this chapter Saul explains how he approaches these questions.

  • Technical Recces
  • Problem Solving
  • The Right Kit
Chapter 4

Round Up

Saul gives us his final thoughts and some parting advice on choosing film equipment.

  • Lenses Over Cameras
  • Final Thoughts