Casting & Auditioning

Presented by Sue Jones

In this masterclass Sue Jones leads us through her experiences as a casting director and puts across her thoughts, feelings as well as hints and tips for actors that she has learned across her career. This course is for all aspiring actors looking to navigate their way into the film industry.

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Chapter 1


In this chapter you will meet Sue Jones and hear her experiences in the film industry as a Casting Director

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

Casting Directors

What does it take to be a casting Director? What is involved in their role and what are their responsibilities when casting a film?

  • The Role Of The Casting Diector
  • Being A Casting Director
Chapter 3


As an emerging actor how do you go about getting an agent? Sue takes us through what they are looking for and how you can avoid some common pitfalls.

  • Getting An Agent
  • What Is A Good Agent?
Chapter 4


Sue breaks down the process of auditioning and gives some valuable tips on how to prepare for and present yourself on the day. Also covered are ways to deal with some of the challenges you may face in the audition room.

  • Applying For Roles
  • Attending Auditions
  • Sight Reading
  • Preparing To Audition
  • Tips For Directors
Chapter 5

Getting Noticed

Find out what it takes to get noticed and go far as an actor in the film industry.

  • Common Problems
  • Ways To Get Noticed
Chapter 6

Round Up

Sue gives us her parting thoughts on casting and auditioning

  • Final Thoughts