Camera Equipment

Presented by Martin Hemingway-Moseley

In this Masterclass we join Martin Hemingway-Moseley, a camera operator at Procam Television as he leads us on an in-depth tour of camera equipment, how it works and the factors that must be understood in order to use them effectively.

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Production, Cinematography, Videography

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Chapter 1


Martin tells us how he got his start as a camera operator at Procam, what it means to have a job in the film and TV industry and the overall importance of ambition.

  • Introduction
  • Martin's Journey
Chapter 2

Camera Features

This chapter is a detailed explanation of camera functions , features and concepts that shoud be understood by anyone aiming to have a career in film and TV.

  • Low Light and Noise
  • Resolution
  • Dynamic Range
  • Sensor Size
  • Card Record Speed
Chapter 3


The ergonomics and useability of a camera is important to understand. Martin explains his main considerations when it comes to asessing whether a camera is fit for purpose.

  • Form Factor
  • Display Useability
  • Lens Compatabiltiy
Chapter 4

Round Up

Martin gives us his final thoughts on the best attitude to have regarding camera equipment.

  • Final Thoughts