A Career In Visual Effects

Presented by Andrew Schlussel

Meet Andrew Schlussel, head of training at Framestore. In this masterclass Andrew guides us through his route into one of the biggest visual effects and post production houses in the film industry and explains how you can get into this side of filmmaking.

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Chapter 1


Andrew tells us about his background in VFX and what got him interested in working in the film industry.

  • Introduction
Chapter 2

First Things First

In this chapter Andrew breaks down his route into the industry, discusses some key traits for success as well as some things that you need to understand as you start your journey.

  • Andrew's Route
  • Getting Feedback
  • Roles in VFX
  • Tenacity and Opportunity
  • The Value Of Ambition
  • Thinking About a Career In VFX
  • What Employers Are Looking For
Chapter 3


We hear about how and where to meet people and the value of networking to get ahead in VFX

  • Find Your Tribe and Stand Out
  • Networking
Chapter 4


The cornerstone of your VFX career is your portfolio. Andrew tells us what the industry wants from a portfolio and also explains what software they currently use at framestore.

  • Freelance Career
  • Improving Your Craft
  • Portfolio
  • Software and Pipeline
Chapter 5

Entry Level

Going beyond getting a job, Andrew explains how you can go further once you have a foot in the door.

  • A Foot In The Door
Chapter 6

Round Up

Andrew gives us his final thoughts about getting into VFX

  • Final Thoughts